Gold is one of the most popular and desirable commodities on the market. Since its discovery, it has been regarded as one of the most valuable precious metals,...


Oil is one of the most important and most frequently traded commodities in the world. The price of oil commodities have repercussions for everyone, as oil ....


Silver is available as a commodity in a number of grades. Silver has many special features as a commodity. Firstly, it has a huge array of industrial uses.


Platinum is a metal that is a silvery-white in colour. It is considered to be a precious metal, thirty times rarer than gold, and until recently in human history ...


Copper is a compound metal that is a reddish brown in colour. It is considered to be the oldest known commodity that has a bearing on the worldwide economy.


Coal is the major fuel used for generating electricity worldwide. The biggest producer and consumer of coal is China.

Iron Ores

Iron Ores are rocks from which metallic iron can be economically extracted. These rocks are usually found in the form of hematite (Fe2O3) or magnetite (Fe3O4)..


Sugar is widely produced, traded and consumed around the world.It is produced from either sugar cane or sugar beets in more than 120 countries and consumed in every country.

Coffee Bean

Coffee is one among of the most frequently traded commodities in the world. It is not the second most traded commodity in the world. This is a myth.


Tea is an aromatic beverage which is made by steeping the leaves of the tea bush in boiling water. The leaves typically contain 3-5% caffeine by dry weight.


Rice is commercially classified by size: long, medium or short grain. Long-grain rice is 4-5 times its width and is available in white and brown varieties,


The most special feature of the wheat commodity must surely be its worldwide prominence as a foodstuff. In terms of production, it sits between maize and rice

freight container boat

Ocean freight is an important type of transportation for commodities. Because commodities are traded in large quantities, vessels are a suitable means of transportation.